What's New?


What's New?


Poetry . . .
I began a new cycle of Autumnal Equinox poems including my own "Sea Urchins" poem, ,4 poems by Joanne Kyger, 3 Lorca poems, a Will Alexander poem from his book,"Stratospheric Canticles," Andre Breton's "Sunflower" and Ginsberg's poem, "The Death of Van Gogh's Ear!".  Mark Fisher's "Orange Biscuits: A History of the Las Vegas Club", both the collage and the poem,  recreates a day in the imaginative life of Jules Verne, and has its own separate page. CLICK ON:

What's New?
August Road Trip to the Berkshires . . .
the Turner Late Seascapes Exhibit at the Clark Institute
and the Current MASS MOCA Exhibits click on  . . .


Mohawk Trail Kitsch     Route 2  Charlemont, Mass.
Photo by Mark J Fisher          August 24, 2003
Also, check out the Summer cycle of poems I selected including works by Bernadette Mayer, Gerrit Lansing, Nanao Sakaki, Gary Snyder, Mark Fisher and Peddlar, as well as my own work. I enjoy playing editor and creating a "set" of poems, whose lyrical energy flows from one to another.  It's an opportunity to read poems in a rigorous and thoughtful way, and to rediscover poets and poems.  Click on:


August 2nd  . . . INI USA (Mark Fisher,
Kyle Grant and M-C) attended an
Improvised Sound & Video Performance
by the BopAnts at the Zeitgeist Gallery
click on photo (left--photo by Mark J. Fisher)  for their website and (below) for more images . . .

July into August . . . suddenly summer

I continue to upload images of a multitude  of new paintings . . . click on


photo of M-C
by Mark Fisher, April 2003
painting by M-C,
"April Fool's Day Blizzard"

Works-In-Progress . . . two paintings in oil


(left) Sunrise with Lobster Boat #1
         a work-in-progress
         #1 of 3 in a series
(below) Sunrise with Lobster Boat, #2
         a work-in-progress
         #2 of 3 in a series


click on:

and more new paintings . . .

Sunrise, Brown's Island, Marblehead
watercolor on graphite, 22.5" high x 38" wide
November, 2002
click on


A Ramble in the Garden . . .
a photo journal of the garden's emergence from early spring up through today . . . new photos of flora, fauna and small creatures
click on

******** . . . A Ramble in the Garden


new . . . digital collages and painted photos
images abstracted from digital photos
of the garden and also  "painted photos" -- found images manipulated and painted digitally . . .
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Clouds--Newbury Street, Boston
photo by Mark J. Fisher

On  Friday, July 25th, Mark & I checked out Newbury Street and the art galleries . . . including the Vose Gallery, founded in 1828 . . . what a fabulous day . . .  the clouds were Maxfield Parrish clouds, just like the sky  in the Maxfield Parrish painting at the Vose Gallery . . .  I wore red so as to blend with the brick buildings . . .


also new . . . "Desolation Pops" Selection of Haikus
by Jack Kerouac in 1956 when he workd as a Fire Station Lookout on Desolation Peak in the Cascades recently  published by Penguin Poets ick on

April into May Poems


There's a biker in my garden
It's Thursday, July 24th and Peddlar,mad-dog biker and beat poet and old running-mate, rode down from Portland, Maine to hang out . . . I will be creating a Peddlar poetry site in the upcoming weeks . . .so stay tuned . . . as Peddlar says:  " rock-'n-roll "
(above) Maryclaire watches Peddlar secure  Harley to trailer


I am adding new words to "Essays, Articles and Reviews"  where painters, opera singers, rock musicians, poets and filmmakers talk about their art and the creative process. . . . click on

 "We need works of imagination to confirm our faith in humanity,  to find hope amid the rubble of a hopeless world . . . " An Essay on the healing power of the Imagination  by the Iranian woman writer in exile, Azar Nafisi.     


No More War!

(left) residents of Basra fleeing the city, March 31, 2003
War is not new; war is the old "power over" way of operating in the world, initiated by men who have accumulated enormous monetary wealth and vast corporate and military power-- men who possess great arrogance yet who who lack imagination.

There are two webpages on this site begun in February related to the War on Iraq. "Poems Against War" is a selection of eloquent, moving, passionate poems by Arab, Iraqui, European, Japanese, Vietnamese and American poets.   click on:

Poems Against War

Also,  I continue to write and edit  a kind of War Diary and it is published here as the "NO MORE WAR" page with many photos of significant antiwar demonstrations --some Mark & I attended and worldwide.  There are excellent articles regarding the devastating humanitarian, social, economic, and ecological consequences of this war.  I include as much info as I can gather on casualties, Iraqui civilian casualties and those of coalition forces.  click on:


atmospheric effects from
the Annular Eclipse
the Ring of Brodgar, Orkney
See Striking images of
 the Annular Eclipse
Saturday, May 31, 2003
Click on:


". . .  fire and ice, the artist's soul . . ."
February brought to Marblehead first a blizzard, then a fire.  On February 17-18, 25 inches of snow fell  in 24 hours and within days, a raging four-alarm fire consumed the historic Rogers Building on School Street .   
To view the aftermath, click on 

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