Voyage of the "Halve Maen" or "Half Moon", 1995


Artist's Sketchbook
In October of 1995, I seized the opportunity to serve as crew on board the Half Moon, a replica of Henry Hudson's 1604 vessel.  I was "Ship's Cook" and "Ship's Artist".  My sailing buddy, Tim Whiting of Marblehead (see photo below at end of page) served the Half Moon as Bosun's Mate (electrician, plumber, master rigger, compass adjustor, you-name-it)  and helped to arrange my "commission".  Although I was a novice to crewing on an antique sailing vessel, Tim  kindly taught me the ropes.  Given Tim's  lifetime of considerable sailing experience on every imaginable type of vessl, including as a skipper on a Gloucester schooner, and in his Coast Guard career as crew on an icebreaker in North Atlantic waters, and later as a rigger in the old Charlestown Navy Yard, I felt confident that the ship would make port in Half Moon Bay, our destination North  from our starting point in Manhattan.   Tim helped me to carry out my duties on board.  During our voyage, I cooked and painted, heaved and hauled.  I learned to tie a flying bowline in under 5 seconds. I slept on deck under the stars, weather permitting. I kept nine men happy with my cooking and painted  a number of riverscapes  in watercolor.  The following are drawings I rendered in my Artist's Sketchbook during the journey. 








Page 6. The Capstan.
To haul or heave the Half Moon's massive  lines and anchors, wooden rods are inserted into eight suare-shaped holes. Then eight crewmembers rotate the capstan by walking clockwise.


Study of the Rigging #1,  7" wide x 5" high


Original Watercolor by Maryclaire Wellinger, 1995

Motoring North on the Hudson River from Manhattan at Dawn. M-C walking on the starboard side going astern to relieve crew at the helm.  You can just barely glimpse Bob's head peering throug the "slot" from the "helm house".


above: The steering mechanism was UNWIELDY, a mammoth-sized "barrel" with a huge "stick"which was actually impossible for me to move; I needed assistance from a second crewmember for my watch. Also, visibility was zero --  I was not tall enough to see out the small slot so a "spotter" had to remain at the bow to shout directions.
below:  The Half  Moon motoring north up the Hudson River. Starboard Bow pointing towards Tappan Zee Bridge.


Half of "the whole sick crew".  Moored at Half Moon Bay. I forget some names.  The Director of the Netherlands Museum which sponsored the building of the "Halve Maen" is  at Left, then the Captain, and then my dear friend, Tim Whiting of Marblehead in the Aussie hat,  served as Master Rigger, Electrician & Plumber, Navigator, you name it,  and then the crewmember at far right is an airline pilot at times.