Gallery 3: The Garden
The paintings on this webpage are for sale as prints or originals..

All paintings displayed are watercolor-on-graphite,
on acid-free 100% coldpress cotton d'Arches paper.

Summer Lily  12.25" wide x 16" high


Bed of Iris   12.25" wide x 16" high


Peonies with Snapdragons    
12.25"wide x 16" high              


Rosa Rhugosa with Geranium 
12.25" wide x 16" high 


Lupin   12.25" wide x 16" high


Columbine   12.25" wide x 16" high


Bee Balm with Honeybee
Watercolor with gold leaf paint on graphite


Orange Tree with Morning Glory & Dragonfly
12.25" wide x 16" high          December, 2002 


The watercolor images on this page are plein aire paintings rendered  in my own perennial garden in the summer of 2002.  The Lily Beds, Iris beds and Columbine growing in the rock gardens predated our arrival; they were thriving, but just  barely,  and they needed nurturing.  In Spring of  2001, I planted 4 rose bushes including the rosa rhugosa, in honor of Lucretia Thomas Brown (see the "Black Joe's Pond" page). We are fortunate in Marblehead to have a garden club which generously shares  plants through their annual sale in the Spring and so the old varieties & species from gardens like the Lee Mansion garden can be acquired. The Lady's Mantle, the Foxglove, and the Ferns I planted this summer will be flourishing in 2003.  My most recent painting is of the orange tree, which winters contentedly in our front drawing room.   The morning glory plant seeded  itself in the pot when the orange tree was summering outside in the garden this summer. 

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