Gallery 1 Recent Paintings

"Affective life can be seen, when studied, to offer culminating points and drifting spaces bathed in a curious light.  The inner landscape changes every minute; it does not consist of simple, independent, easily recognizable objects, but of imprints into which other imprints continuously melt.  We are behind the scenes of life, in that very place . . . where the figures of the past and those of the future 'all co-exist, like the various characters in a drama with a still unformulated plot which is nevertheless fully fashiond in the mind of its author.'  . . . "  (Surrealism and Painting by Andre Breton, translated by Simon Watson Taylor, Icon Editions, Harper & Row, New York, 1972, p. 179).

The paintings on this webpage are for sale as prints.
All are original watercolors by Maryclaire Wellinger.
More images of my large paintings will be scanned in soon.
All paintings displayed are watercolor-on-graphite,
on acid-free 100% coldpress cotton d'Arches paper.

The Half Moon Moored at Mugford Street, #1
30" high x 22.5" wide before matting
Note: this painting is one of a series with slight variations
in the composition and in different color keys


The following 3 photos of the painting more
closely reflect the actual color key



Mackerel Sky Through My Window   14" high x 30" wide    2002


Shipwrecked, #1                2002
26" high x 22" wide before matting


After you had gone   28" h x 14" w     1994


Visitation by Figures from Childhood Era On the Rooftop at Mugford Street
Watercolor on graphite with scrapings & tearings,  unfinished 1996
Note:  another finished large painting without "flaws" is available, same composition & similar color key  22.5" wide x 30" high


Monhegan Lighthouse with Comet     August, 1997
            January, 2003


April Fool's Day Blizzard, with morning glories,
4 cats, 4 puffins, 2 monarch butterflies
and the flower-growing rug               April, 1998


Tree of Life with St. Michael's Cupola    22.5" high x 30" wide     


Oldtown in Moonlight with Canoe Moon#1    30" high x 22.5" wide
note:  the scanning produced a slight distortion in clarity


Welcome to Mars, #1        25.5" high x 30" wide   1998
Note: this painting is one of a series, "Welcome to Mars"


Manana Island Boardwalk in Blue&Orange  
15" wide x 18.5" high     1998


Manana Island Boardwalk in Pink&Green
15" wide x 18.5" high     1998